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California State University, Fullerton

Financial Information

The international opportunities available to Cal State Fullerton students vary widely in cost, depending on the type of program, inclusions in the program (excursions, meal stipends, housing, etc.), length of stay, and destination. When considering cost, it is important to remember a few things:

  • Scholarships are available through campus as well as the Study Abroad office
  • Financial Aid may transfer to study abroad
  • The costs of some programs are comparable to what you would pay here on campus
  • Academic, professional, and personal benefits of your international experience will be long lasting

If cost is a major factor, talk to the Study Abroad Advisor; explore less expensive countries or cities, different program types, or shorter programs.

Financial Aid

If you are applying financial aid towards the cost of your study abroad program, you must arrange for the overseas registrar or U.S. program sponsor to provide confirmation of your full-time enrollment (minimum 12 units/semester for undergraduates or 9 units/semester for graduates) once you have registered for classes overseas. Confirmation must be sent to the Office of Financial Aid, failure to do so may jeopardize your financial aid eligibility.

If CSUF approves your academic plans and the host institution, through which you will study abroad, is willing to cooperate with CSUF, you should be able to apply almost any need-based or supplementary aid to your study abroad.

It is important to understand that you are undertaking a serious contractual obligation when you draw aid for your study abroad. If you withdraw from the program abroad or fail to bring back the contracted number of credits within one semester following your study abroad experience, CSUF will place a hold on your student account and require you to repay all or part of the financial aid you received for study abroad. Further, you will be unable to register until this financial aid is repaid in full. If you attempt to complete the contracted number of credits and fail one or more of the courses, you maintain your financial aid eligibility for the semester abroad, but your subsequent semesters of financial aid may be affected.

Please note that the CSUF Financial Aid Office will not be notified unless this completed application has been submitted to the Study Abroad Office. No action will be taken regarding financial aid without these signed forms. In addition to the study abroad cost estimates, the CSUF Office of Financial Aid requires that you have the current year's financial statement (FAFSA) on file.

The CSUF Office of Financial Aid will notify you of your award amount. Make sure you have no holds or outstanding bills since aid for future enrollment cannot be applied to past bills and will not be disbursed until holds are cleared. After any outstanding bills are paid, disbursement of funds will be made directly to you for payment to the program sponsor. The earliest that this disbursement can be made is ten days before the beginning of on-campus classes for the semester you plan to be abroad. If you would like this early disbursement, you will need to make these arrangements by contacting the Office of Financial Aid directly. If you would like to have your loan check deposited directly into your account, you should sign up for Direct Deposit. If you need to pay for the program or airfare prior to the arrival of a loan check, contact the Office of Financial Aid at: (657) 278-3125.

In many cases, other institutions will accept your CSUF financial aid award letter as an indication of future payment and will defer your payments until you receive your aid; however, it is your responsibility to contact the sponsor and make appropriate arrangements for delayed payment. If your number of credits or course selection should change at any time, you should report this immediately to both your academic department and the Study Abroad Office.

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