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California State University, Fullerton


Registration is now closed.

We are excited you and your student can join us for Take A Child to Work Day , sponsored by Cal State Fullerton, on April 26th, 2012. The national theme: “Build Opportunity: 20 Years of Education, Empowerment, Experience” will be woven throughout the day’s activities, promoting the importance of attending college, highlighting Cal State Fullerton and showing students what parents, relatives and friends do on campus. Registration is available to any CSUF Faculty or Staff bringing a child between the ages of 8 and 18. You are welcome to bring sons, daughters, granddaughters, grandsons, nieces, nephews, or close friends who you feel would benefit from learning about college, our university, and your work here on campus.

To participate, all students must be released from their school obligations.  Please print and complete the Excused Absence Form then turn it in to the child’s school to ensure they are excused from classes.

Before registering you must read and agree to the following terms:

  1. You are responsible for your student and their actions.
  2. You must ensure your student is excused from their classroom obligations.
  3. You are not allowed to leave your student unattended at any point throughout the day.
  4. You must receive approval from your supervisor to bring your student to work and participate in the day’s activities.
  5. If you work in one of the potentially hazardous areas (labs, skilled trade areas, etc.) you must ensure your student is provided all appropriate protective gear.