Welcome to Technology Services


The Mission of Student Affairs Technology Services is to utilize technology to facilitate accomplishing the goals set by the Division in the dual paradigms of Student Service and Student Development and play a more active role in the campus IT community by moving Student Affairs needs and concerns as part of the campus IT planning.

Vision & Philosophy

The new and emerging technology provides an opportunity to offer “High Tech” with “High touch” integrated, customized and personalized services and diversifies the tools for student development. Technology provide us with the means to build more accountability and flexibility in the services provide to students, improves the quality of life of students by enabling more efficiency in an integrated environment with on-line, real time and real services. Technology will not define our services, rather expand and diversifies them, will not provide content for our student development, rather provide more venues to students to access the support and services they need to achieve their educational goals. The balance between standardization and innovation, between centralizedservices and decentralized services, between commonalities and differences in the needs of various departments within the division and relying on the engagement of all levels of the organization in formulating the technology agenda for the division is an imperative to utilization of technology to articulate and respond to the needs of our students in 21st century.