Examination in Writing Proficiency (EWP)

Due to COVID-19 and CSUF's effort to promote the health and safety of students and employees, the EWP is not currently being administered. Please contact your department academic advisor for options to fulfill the writing requirement.


Effective May 25, 2012, undergraduate students are no longer required to take the EWP for their baccalaureate degree. Only graduate students whose program uses the EWP as an option to fulfill writing requirements should take this exam.

The EWP consists of a 90 minute essay. The examination does not ask for specialized information, but assesses writing proficiency. You have been developing this ability by steady practice over a period of years.

Graduate students should take the EWP at the first opportunity if their program requires this exam. Graduate students should check with their program advisor about the EWP requirement. Also, graduate students should check with their program advisor about course(s) that may be taken in lieu of the EWP. These courses can also be found online in the class schedule.