EWP Guide

What is the EWP?

The EWP consists of an essay. The examination does not ask for specialized information, but assesses writing proficiency. You have been developing this ability by steady practice over a period of years.

You will be assigned a topic and given 90 minutes to write an essay. You may use a dictionary and/or thesaurus if you wish to do so. You should make notes and outline your essay before you write. It is also advisable to edit and correct your essay after you have written it. Your essay will be evaluated on the basis of organization, development, appropriate word choice, grammar, punctuation, spelling and logic. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to write clearly and effectively.

Who must take the EWP?

Students working toward a master’s degree are required to demonstrate writing ability. Passing the EWP is one alternative method for doing this in certain departments. Graduate students should check with their departments for more information.

When should I take the EWP?

Graduate students should check with their program advisor to find out if the EWP is required and when the exam should be taken.

Where and how do I register for the EWP?

To register for the EWP in-person, pick up the EWP Registration Form from the University Testing Center, located in GH-139.
Complete the form and take it to Student Business Services, located in GH-180, and pay your $20 EWP test fee by 5:00 PM on the registration deadline date.

Approximately one week after registration closes, you will be emailed your EWP Confirmation Ticket to your campus email address. Your EWP Confirmation Ticket will list your test date, test time, reporting location, and what to bring to the exam.

What if I need special testing accommodations or cannot test on Saturday?

If you have a disability that requires special accommodations or if you are unable to test on Saturdays because of religious convictions, you should contact the University Testing Center at least 4 weeks prior to the registration deadline.

Is it possible to change my test date?

After you complete your registration for the EWP, it may be possible to change your test date.

To change your EWP test date, contact the University Testing Center in GH-139 by 5:00 p.m. on the day before your scheduled test date. Changes can be made only if there is space available in the requested test date and/or test time.

Is standby testing possible?

You should make every effort to register before the test registration deadline. In an emergency, however, it may be possible for you to take the EWP even though you are not registered for the test. Standby registrants will be admitted only if sufficient space and testing materials are available and upon payment of $30 in cash or check made payable to CSUF. The $30 includes the regular $20 EWP test fee and an additional $10 standby fee.

Can I get a test fee refund?

If you cannot attend a test session and cancel your registration for the EWP at least 24 hours before the test date, you will receive a $20 refund upon request. You must come to the University Testing Center, located in GH-139, to request your refund prior to the test date.

How long does the EWP take?

The entire EWP testing session lasts about two hours. You will be allowed 90 minutes to write and revise your essay.

What must I bring to the EWP test?

  • Picture identification such as CSUF Student ID card, driver’s license, or any other official identification bearing the registrant’s name and photograph
  • Several sharpened #2 pencils with erasers
  • You may bring a dictionary and/or thesaurus to use in writing and editing your essay. (No electronic spellers are allowed) No other books or materials will be allowed.

How and when do I receive my EWP results?

Students can receive their scores in person by coming into the University Testing Center in GH-139 and showing a photo I.D.

What is required to pass the EWP?

The essays are read by faculty who are trained specifically for this responsibility.

Your essay will be evaluated on the basis of organization, development, appropriate word choice, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and logic. It should be well organized and well developed, and demonstrate a clear understanding of the assignment. The writing should exhibit your ability to use language effectively to construct sentences of appropriate complexity and variety. There should be enough specific information in your essay to illustrate a described experience or support a proposed argument. You should complete all tasks set by the assignment.

What if I do not pass the EWP?

You should contact the University Testing Center in GH-139  to register to retake the EWP. Contact the University Testing Center for more information on assistance with passing the EWP.