EWP Essay Scoring Guide

Your essay will be scored by faculty selected from throughout the university who are trained specifically for this responsibility.

The essay topic is designed to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to write clearly and effectively. Your essay will be evaluated on the basis of organization, development, appropriate word choice, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and logic. It should be well organized and well developed, and demonstrate a clear understanding of the assignment. The writing should exhibit your ability to use language effectively to construct sentences of appropriate complexity and variety. There should be enough specific information in your essay to illustrate a described experience or support a proposed argument. You should complete all tasks set by the assignment.

A "pass" essay may contain some writing errors but they should not be serious or frequent enough to distract the reader or to suggest there are major problems in writing.

A "fail" essay will reveal one or more of the following weaknesses:

  1. Serious problems of organization or focus,
  2. insufficient specific information to illustrate experiences or support arguments,
  3. serious problems in sentence structure, or
  4. errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation or word choice that are serious enough to distract or confuse the reader.