Tuffy's Graduation Scholars

The Tuffy's Graduation Scholars (TGS) program was a four-year degree completion program established to support a fall 2019 cohort of first-time students. The program ended in Spring 2023. The TGS program was designed to support academic success and graduation goals by providing students with a unique opportunity to connect with their peers with similar academic interests, access to advisers, while building a sense of community and recognizing them as a scholar!  

Tuffy's Graduation Scholars received personalized and comprehensive advising support throughout their journey as a Cal State Fullerton student. From Orientation to Graduation the TGS staff were there to help scholars navigate academic processes, major requirements, and the campus community. Scholars received help with opportunities to get involved in leadership, internships, student employment, service to community, career opportunities, and more, including:

  • Annual financial incentives
  • Access to advising specialists
  • A built-in community of Tuffy’s Graduation Scholar peers
  • Opportunities for social engagement
  • A point of contact on campus to ask questions, be a resource, refer students to opportunities, guidance and mentorship