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 California State University, Fullerton



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Preparing for Orientation

As your student prepares for orientation, we ask that you encourage them to review the Freshman or Transfer Student sections of this orientation website. We’ve highlighted important action items for them to complete before orientation (placement tests, printing transcripts, checking their registration holds, and setting up their student e-mail and Student Portal), as well as what they should bring with them to orientation. The orientation website also has information on important deadlines and fees for them to review. Deadlines at CSUF are of great importance, so we appreciate your support in encouraging your student to adhere to all advertised deadlines.

Below is a list of additional ways to help prepare your student for their orientation session:

  • Visit the Freshmen Orientation section of this website with your student. Help them prepare by reviewing all their action items and any pending questions or concerns.
  • Discuss finances with your student, including responsibility for tuition payments and any financial aid information and deadlines. If your student has questions about his/her financial aid award, please encourage them to call the office of Financial Aid at (657) 278-3125 prior to attending orientation. You can also visit the Office of Financial Aid with your student to receive additional assistance. Please note: your student needs to be present with you in order to receive assistance at the office. For more information, visit the financial aid website.
  • Encourage your student to visit their "Student Center" accessed through "Titan Online" via the student portal. The "To Do List" in the "Student Center" will indicate if your student is required to turn in any additional documentation to the university.
  • Review the university fees. Also preview payment and due datesPlease note: your student will be registering for classes at orientation, and payment is due within 3 calendar days of registering.
  • If you have any questions related to campus housing, please call the Office of Housing & Residence Life at (657) 278-2168.

In addition to what is listed above, we know that you will continue to help your student prepare for orientation by supporting them as you already have. While this may be an overwhelming process, remember to congratulate them on the hard work that they have put in to making it this far. They have just been admitted to one of the most diverse and exciting universities in the country. This accomplishment should be a celebration so help them get excited about being a Titan (maybe even look into getting them some new gear at Titan Shops).

Have conversations with your student about what this step may mean in their life, as well as in the life of your family. Talk to them about how you will continue to support them, and where you may expect them to make more autonomous decisions. Ask them how they are feeling and what they need from you… their number one supporter!