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 California State University, Fullerton



Student sitting at an outdoor table using a laptop

  The Student Success Initiative (SSI) allows for the enrichment of the student experience and enhances student success. The SSI helps create the university we want to be and allows for improvements to make us more competitive.

  IT recognizes the growing demand for a robust technology infrastructure. Some of the funds provided by the SSI will help support the following:

• Instructional Software

The current free software promotion, that saved students over $7.5 million, was provided as a pilot program using one-time funding.  Students need software to be able to complete their academic requirements.  The SSI will allow IT to continue the pilot program and expand the software offering for students. 

• Classroom Technology

Classroom Technology plays a vital role in the overall quality of the academic experience for students on campus. The SSI will allow for the upgrade and maintenance of classroom technology.  The upgraded technology will include additions such as ergonomic chairs and desks, upgraded projectors and screens, Apple TV and other emerging instructional technologies. 

• Wireless Network

Each year, since the introduction of wireless connectivity, the usage on CSUF’s wireless network has grown. The SSI will allow us to increase the maximum number of devices that are able to connect to the wireless network. There are also plans to upgrade and maintain the network and further expand Wi-Fi coverage on campus. 

• Library Technology

The SSI will allow for an upgrade in technology and learning spaces within the library. 

• Student Helpdesk Technology Support

The Student Helpdesk is where students go when they are in need of technical support.    The SSI will allow us to further support Titanium, the Portal and other instructional applications including support on all devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets.  The Helpdesk will also have ability for student walk-ins during library hours.

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