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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jerry and Merilyn GoodwinMerilyn and Jerry Goodwin

The Goodwins provided the lead gift of $1 million for the expansion of Titan Field into Goodwin Field, which has allowed Cal State Fullerton to host 10 NCAA Baseball Regional Tournaments since 2000. Prior to that year, Fullerton had to travel for each of its previous 21 regional appearances.

The Goodwins also were big fans of football and Coach Gene Murphy and often traveled with the Titans, another team that saw a lot of airports.

A successful string of automobile dealerships funded the Goodwins’ philanthropy, which materialized in several other areas on campus. In 1988, Jerry initiated the annual Jerry Goodwin CSUF Alumni Association Golf Tournament to benefit student scholarships and alumni programs. The couple also established the Merilyn and Jerry Goodwin Musical Theatre Scholarship. Jerry received an honorary degree from CSUF in 1994.

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James Woods

James D. Woods

"I was raised by a single mother [who] held two jobs. Even though she was active every day, working both day and night, she would find the time to reach out and help others. She put that giving feeling into me a long time ago, and it just stayed with me."

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