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Student Health and Counseling

Welcomes you! As a registered student at Cal State Fullerton, basic medical care at the SHCC is available to you. We provide a wide array of basic and augmented services including: general medicine, physical therapy, orthopedics, optometry, immunizations, nutrition counseling, mental health counseling, HIV/STD testing, etc. All basic services are offered at no charge; however augmented services have a small fee associated with them. Please see the SHCC website ( for further information, including basic and augmented services information. Call (657) 278-2813 to make an appointment.

The Student Health and Counseling center provides many services, some of which include: Counseling and Psychological Services (one-on-one and group counseling),  Health Education and Wellness (health and nutrition education), Optometry, Immunizations, physical exams, Laboratory Testing (STI and STD) and more.

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