Subjects Offered

This is a list of courses supported for Fall 2022 tutoring. Our focus is the lower division undergraduate General Education, high impact, bottleneck, and challenging courses. The tutoring appointment will match the currently enrolled class through TitanNet.

Which Classes are Offered in Each Subject

Course Name MUST be enrolled in this Course Number
Accounting (ACCT) 201A, 201B, 302
American Studies (AMST) 201
Chemistry (CHEM) 115, 120A, 120B
Civil Engineering (EGCE) 301, 325
Economics (ECON) 201, 202
English (ENGL) 100, 101, 105, 200, 211
Human Communication (HCOM) 100
Japanese (JAPN) 101
Mathematics (MATH) 115, 125, 135, 150A, 150B
Physics (PHYS) 211, 225
Psychology (PSYC) 101
Reading (READ) 290 (the course, not reading 'help')