Subjects Offered

This is a list of courses for which the ULC usually provides tutoring. Our focus is the lower division undergraduate General Education, high impact, high failure and bottleneck courses. The tutoring appointment must match the currently enrolled class. So that both of you will have a successful session, your tutor will confirm your enrolled courses with you at the beginning of your tutoring session.

If you are an undergraduate student not enrolled in one of the courses below, but want a writing tutor to review a paper with you, scroll down to the 'ULC Other' courses to make an appointment. Please do not make an appointment for an "English" class if you are not enrolled in a ENGL course.

Which Classes are Offered in Each Subject
Course Name MUST be enrolled in this Course Number
American Studies (AMST) 101, 201, 301,320
Anthropology (ANTH) 101,102, 103
Art (ART) 101
Astronomy (ASTR) 101
Biology (BIOL) 101
Chemistry (CHEM) 100, 115, 120 A
Counseling (COUN) 252
Criminal Justice (CRJU) 100, 300
Critical Thinking and Writing (ULC 'Other') ULC 101A, 102A, 103A, 201 (review, helping you proofread to find grammar and punctuation errors)
English (ENGL)  99,100, 101,105 , 200, 211, 301, 303
Geography (GEOG) 100,110
Geology (GEOL) 101, 102, 110T, 120, 140, 201
History (HIST) 110 A/B
Mathematics (MATH) 30 A/B, 40, 45, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130
Physics (PHYS) 101,102, 211, 225
Political Science (POSC) 100,101, 200
Psychology (PSYC) 101, 110, 201, 202
Sociology (SOCI) 101
Statistics (ULC 'Other') ULC 202
Study Skills (ULC 'Other') ULC 203
Time Management (ULC "Other") ULC 104A