Academic Makeover Workshops

Do you need an “Academic Makeover?” If so, the University Learning Center is here to help!

We’re not going to tell you to “study harder.” What we are going to do is provide you with strategies to help you better learn and study. We understand ǁhat it takes for students to ask for help, and we want CSUF students to feel confident, encouraged, and motivated to succeed.

What is an “Academic Makeover?”

The “Academic Makeover” Workshop is a 4-part series which covers time management, note taking, study skills and test anxiety. Each workshop is interactive, and the skills practiced build on the previous workshop. Also covered is attitude, behavior, goal setting and motivation; based on the latest learning research .

How can we help?

This series is especially beneficial to first time freshmen and re-entry students who may need to develop the skills necessary to succeed in college. The workshops are also extremely helpful as a review for students who want to finish the semester on a high note.