EO 1100 and Mathematics/Quantitaive Reasoning Policy 2016-17 Consultation Timeline

Introduced by Assembly Member Holden, Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 158 Relative to Public Postsecondary Education encourages all three higher education segments to expedite efforts to streamline the transfer process and ensure that all general education courses can transfer seamlessly from campus-to-campus and among all three systems.

AVC Mallon writes t the Office of Advocacy and State Relations, providing an overview of system GE transfer and articulation policies, addressing the concerns of Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 158 Relative to Public Postsecondary Education. ASCSU Chair Miller is copied.

EVC Blanchard issues survey of campus GE requirements.

ASCSU Planning Retreat: ASA Division discusses with senate the external pressures to examine GE policy. Results of the campus GE surveys are promised (and later delivered) to ASCSU chair.

In response to GEAC members discussing draft Title 5 language for quantitative reasoning, AVC Chris Mallon advises GEAC members that EO 1100 will be revised to include modified language for the GE Breadth Area B4 mathematics/quantitative reasoning requirement, and specifies that Title 5 will not be amended to include a new Area B4 definition.

Campus GE requirements survey responses due.

AS-3264-16/EX, Approved Unanimously, ASCSU Accepts QRTF Report and recommendations.

AS-3265-16/APEP, Approved, Implementation of Quantitative Reasoning Task Force (QRTF) Recommendations That Reflect Items Previously Approved by the Academic Senate CSU

CO AVCs and ASCSU consult with multiple groups* regarding QRTF recommendations.

AVC Chris Mallon and State University Associate Dean Alison Wrynn met with GEAC, requesting GEAC help in clarifying GE requirements and providing campus templates or examples of best practice; specifying that upper-division GE fits within Areas B, C and D; and identifying benefits of GE Breadth requirements through use of program review and assessment evidence. Some GEAC members opposed GEAC conducting this work, asserting that it should be addressed by the GE Task Force. GEAC did not accept the invitation to be involved in this work. As noted in GEAC minutes:

“The ASCSU GE Task Force is there to address some of these issues. The distinction being a senate-owned committee (ASCSU) vs. the targeted expertise and ease of access to stakeholders with a GEAC-centered effort.” (GEAC Minutes)

EVC Blanchard requests systemwide feedback on QRTF recommendations by 2/6/17; ASCSU is included.

GEAC discussed change to Area B4 definition. During the year, Steven Filling, Kate Stevenson and GEAC Vice Chair Mark Van Selst led the discussion and drafting efforts. AVC Mallon invites GEAC to begin proposed language for a revised EO 1100, in response to the QRTF recommendations. She reminds GEAC that Area B4 is not defined in Title 5. Chair Miller was present.

EVC Blanchard letter is sent to Chair Miller, advising of Chancellor’s Office policy decisions resulting from QRTF recommendations. This includes changes to GE Breadth Area B4 mathematics/quantitative reasoning requirements and the use of multiple measures of demonstrating college readiness; use of co-requisite and other learner-supportive models; and requiring the completion of GE mathematics/quantitative reasoning in the first year of enrollment.

EVC Blanchard memo issued to presidents requesting feedback on how EO 1100 can be revised to: (1) improve clarity, (2) ensure equity, and (3) streamline graduation requirements—in response to criticism regarding these areas, from Governor Brown, Assembly Member Chris Holden, the Department of Finance, and trustees.

GEAC further discussed changing the Area B4 definition.

Feedback was originally requested by 5/12/17. AVC Leo Van Cleve met with Senate Executive Committee. EO 1100 consultation memo and timing were discussed. Negotiations resulted in extending the deadline to 6/16/17 and an agreement that the ASCSU would convene a five-member work group to review the draft EO 1100, following receipt of campus feedback in June. Work group members were to be paid $500.

EVC Blanchard met with the Executive Committee, and his letter of March 15, 2017 confirmed the arrangements.

Final 2016-17 GEAC meeting. “Conceptual Draft” for GE Breadth Area B4 mathematics/quantitative reasoning language for EO 1100. Chair Miller was present.

ASCSU Academic Affairs Committee discussed Senator Filling and Dr. Kate Stevenson’s “Conceptual Draft” notes for EO 1100 definition of Area B4. AA Committee offered feedback on the language but did not offer feedback on the request for input on revising EO 1100.

Final 2016-17 ASCSU Plenary
AS-3291-17/APEP (Rev) Incorporating the Quantitative Reasoning Task Force (QRTF) Recommendations in Revising Executive Order (EO) 1100, postponed indefinitely

Systemwide EO 1100 feedback due. No formal feedback was received from ACSCU committees or plenary. Feedback was received by all but one campus, which chose not to respond. Faculty were involved in responses from 20 of the 22 campuses responding. Nine campuses indicated that their feedback incorporated responses from all three constituencies (faculty, students and administration). Of the 13 campuses that did not give “all-campus” feedback, six response forms were submitted by faculty and administrators; four from faculty only; two from administrators only; and one was from faculty and students.

Draft EO 1100 Revised—feedback from and discussion with ASCSU Executive Committee.

Draft EO 1100 Revised—feedback from and discussion with ASCSU EO 1100 review work group.

Draft EO 1100 Revised--feedback due from presidents.

Draft EO 1100 Revised—feedback due from provosts.

*CO and ASCSU QRTF Consultation Schedule Beyond ASCSU 9/23/16 through 3/17/17

CO Staff Member: Caro Cardenas

Constituent Group Planned Consultation Venue and Date
Test Officers Test Officer Meeting (November 2016)
Directors of Outreach & Recruitment DOR Retreat (12/5)
ELM Faculty Committee ELM Meeting (12/10) San Diego
EAP Coordinators EAP Meeting (1/23/17) Bakersfield
Math Council TBD
Admissions Advisory Council  LA Crowne Plaza (12/8) Eric/Caro

CO Staff Member: Eric Forbes

Constituent Group Planned Consultation Venue and Date
DARS April Grommo
Admissions Advisory Council LA Crowne Plaza (12/8) Eric/Caro
VPs of Student Affairs Ray Murrillo will be responsible

CO Staff Member: Marquita Grenot-Scheyer

Constituent Group Planned Consultation Venue and Date
CORE Districts Superintendents Presentation to their regular meeting 2/10/17 (tentative)
CA Department of Education  Need to set up this spring
Deans of Education (3/16-17/17)
Recipients of CA Math Readiness Challenge Grants (4 campuses) Planning a spring meeting
CAPP Consulted at their fall meeting
CORE Districts Superintendents Presentation to their regular meeting 2/10/17 (tentative)

CO Staff Member: Chris Mallon

Constituent Group Planned Consultation Venue and Date
Provosts Academic Council Meeting (11/29/16)
Presidents Council of Presidents Meeting (12/6/16)
Academic AVPs Web-Assisted Conference (12/12/16)
ICAS (intersegmental senates) ICAS (9/23/16)

ASCSU Consultation with ICAS


ICAS received the report at its September 23 meeting. It was clarified that receiving the report is not considered acceptance but instead is intended as an informal receipt of report to allow for the segments to discuss the report. By consensus, each segment received the Quantitative Reasoning Task Force report and agreed to share with their respective segments for input and feedback at the December ICAS meeting.