How do I understand my GE requirements if my catalog year is from 1999-Spring 2011?

Students who have final evaluations, worksheets or a Titan Degree Audit for GE Categories I-V should refer to the following information to find corresponding lists of courses that satisfy GE requirements. Learn more about GE requirements and academic standards at the GE Requirements web page.

A. Core Competencies (9 units)

  • Oral Communications (Currently A.1; Formerly IA)
  • Written Communications (Currently A.2; Formerly IB)
  • Critical Thinking (Currently A.3; Formerly IC)


B. Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning (12 units)

  • Physical Science (Currently B.1; Formerly IIIA2a & b)
  • Life Science (Currently B.2; Formerly IIIA2c)
  • Laboratory Experience (Currently B.3; Formerly IIIA) B.3 IIIA
  • Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning (Currently B.4; Formerly IIIA1)
  • Implications and Explorations of Mathematics & Natural Sciences (Currently B.5; Formerly IIIA3)


C. Arts and Humanities (12 units)

  • Introduction to Art (Currently C.1; Formerly IIIB)
  • Introduction to Humanities (Currently C.2; Formerly IIIB2)
  • Explorations of Arts and Humanities (Currently C.3; Formerly IIIB3)
  • Origins of World Civilization (Currently C.4; Formerly IIIA3)


D. Social Sciences (15 units)

  • Introduction to Social Sciences (Currently D.1; Formerly IIIC1)
  • World Civilizations and Cultures (Currently D.1; Formerly IIA)
  • American History, Institutions and Values (Currently D.3; Formerly IIB1)
  • American Government (Currently D.4; Formerly IIB2)
  • Explorations in Social Sciences (Currently D.5; Formerly IIIC2)


E. Lifelong Learning and Self Development (3 units)

  • Currently E; Formerly V


Z. Cultural Diversity (3 units)

  • Currently Z*; Formerly V*