What is General Education?

General Education provides the foundation of a university education. It is designed to give students a breadth of knowledge and understanding across the major disciplines of science, social science, arts, and humanities. It is also designed to help students develop broadly applicable skills such as critical thinking and writing, enhance their capacity for lifelong learning, and strengthen their ability to contribute effectively within our culturally diverse society.

The General Education Program provides a common intellectual experience for all students regardless of their major and enhances their awareness of themselves in a complex universe, drawing upon multiple points of view, and helps to prepare them for full participation in professional and civic life. Through the thoughtful completion of the General Education Program, students will acquire knowledge of diverse disciplinary perspectives, develop skills for analyzing new situations and problems, and gain both self-awareness and an understanding of their role in both local and global communities.

For students seeking advising on General Education, go to the Academic Advisement Center

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Last Published 6/6/18

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