Understanding Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are a part of everyday living and can come from changes in routine, a crisis or major life event. Stress is an indication that the demands placed upon you exceed your personal and social resources for effectively managing that stress. Stress can come from many areas of your life. If you are unable to manage your time effectively, stress can mount up. Feeling as though you have to perform perfectly in school and at work will increase the level of stress and anxiety you will experience. However, life without some degree of stress and anxiety would be dull and boring. In order to maintain physical and emotional well-being, we need a certain amount of stress in our lives.

anxiety imageWe create meaning in our life through maintaining a balance of work, hobbies, interests and relationships. On the other hand, too much stress and anxiety can feel awful! Unmanaged stress and anxiety can be a very disruptive influence in our life. Prolonged periods of unmanaged stress can cause serious illnesses such as anxiety disorders, insomnia, headaches and ulcers. Women are diagnosed with anxiety disorders far more frequently than men because they tend to seek medical assistance more readily than men. Even though stress affects millions of women and men, women tend to be particularly vulnerable to a multitude of stressors as they face having to balance work, families, significant others, friends and social obligations. Find out if the anxiety you are experiencing is too much and what you can do about it……

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Stategies for Coping with Stress (Texas Woman's University)

stress imageThe key to managing your stress is listening to the signals your body gives you when you are under stress. Sometimes we get so caught up in getting as much done as we can, that we don't recognize how we are feeling and what our bodies are telling us. Maybe we are exhausted, but forge ahead anyway. What do you tell yourself when you are stressed? You might tell yourself that you are going to fail your test or look foolish when giving your presentation.

stress imageYou might tell yourself that you can't handle another responsibility and may fall apart. If you have unrealistic or negative expectations about yourself and your ability to handle stress and anxiety, you will likely increase the stress and the Anxiety you experience. Both women and men suffer from stress and anxiety, but are there any gender differences in the way women and men handle and express their stress?

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Body Signals Caused From Stress:

• heart pounding
• headaches
• sweaty palms
• indigestion
• skin breaks out
• shortness of breath
• fatigue
• nausea
• loose bowels or diarrhea
• stomach aches
• tight muscles

One of the best ways of preventing too much stress and anxiety is through education, awareness, and paying attention to the signals your body gives you. Educating yourself and avoiding the pitfalls of ineffective time management, and test anxiety will help you avoid an overload of stress and anxiety.



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