Intimate Partner Violence

Relationship violence, commonly called "domestic violence", “intimateTextbox partner violence”, or "battering", is a pattern of behavior used against intimate partners. It is characterized as increasingly frequent coercive and threatening behavior that sometimes includes physical assaults. Relationship violence is used in an intimate relationship as a means of gaining power and control over the other person. This abusive behavior is frequently a combination of physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, and/or economic abuse.

textbox2Relationship violence is rarely an isolated incident; rather it is a recurring pattern of coercive behaviors that often escalate over time. This cycle of abusive behavior is not limited to any racial, ethnic, or religious group, economic or social class, sexual orientation, or age group. It can happen to anyone. Both women and men can be victims of relationship violence, but women are predominantly the victims in a majority of the reported incidents approximately 85-90% of the time. Gender socialization sets up a power imbalance between men and women. Male domination of women in patriarchal societies could take on behaviors which result in abuse.

DO YOU EVER WONDER ..... why would a person stay
with an abusive partner


Check out the following website for a full list of California Domestic Violence Shelter Hotline Numbers listed by county.



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