Battering in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Relationships

Intimate partner violence happens in all cultures, all economic levels, all age groups, and all countries in the world. Abuse is not limited to the “straight” world. It is a crime about power and control between two people regardless of sexual preference. When men are abused by men and women are abused by women, they face additional barriers when they seek help. Each time they call the police for help or apply for a restraining order, they may be under the added pressure of “coming out”.

In addition to using any or all of the tactics heterosexual abusers use, some tactics lesbian or gay abusers use may include:

  • Threats to inform your family, work associates, or community of your sexual preference or orientation
  • Making you feel bad about your sexual history
  • Writing threatening notes or letters that might expose your sexual orientation
  • "Outing" you to your children

We hope that in a world that is becoming more and more tolerant of gay/lesbian relationships, these “blackmail” tactics may become obsolete. For more information on IPV, click here…Survivor Project.

Domestic Violence Shelters (AKA Safe Houses) in the Southern California area primarily focus on providing Shelter Services for women (including lesbian and bisexual) and their children. There is a safe house that regularly houses male victims of abuse. It is accessed by contacting (800) 282-4808.

Check out the following website for a full list of California Domestic Violence Shelter Hotline Numbers listed by county.



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