Sexuality Continuum

Sexuality ContinuumOur sexual orientation and preference is probably not one discrete and rigid reality. Many believe that our sexuality, and our sexual preference, lies somewhere along an emotional and physical continuum from 100% homosexual to 100% heterosexual. Not only might it be found somewhere along a continuum of sexuality, but it might also have the element of being “fluid.” That is, depending on our education, development, emotions, needs for intimacy, etc., as the years go on, our sexual preference may move along the continuum. Sometimes therapists use this continuum concept for clients who are aware that their preference for emotional, and sexual partners may be other than heterosexual.

Here are lots of websites that we have selected for you. We've screened these for you because we believe they contain important, accurate and supportive information for those of you exploring your sexual preference.

Personals about coming out

university of illinois - coming out stories and information

Some professional websites about coming out

The Psychology of Sexual Orientation, Behavior, and Identity
A Handbook

The student Virtual Pamphlet Website - EXCELLENT RESOURCE!



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