Interracial/Biracial Relationships

Interracial Relationships

During your college experience you have the opportunity to take a look at the benefits and challenges of relationships between people of different backgrounds, religion, race or ethnicity. This is an important time. For many it is a time when most people seriously consider the issue of dating and its implications for the future. For those who have never dated please refer to the Healthy Relationship site. Find out what a healthy relationship entails and if you're ready to start dating or to make a commitment to a relationship. Dating can be complicated, scary and exciting all at the same time.

Text Box: The Givens of Culture and Values   1.	Human beings create              culture.  2.	Each group has developed its own culture.   3.	Cultural assumptions are beliefs which are so completely accepted within the group that they do not need to be stated, questioned or defended. See list for more questions to consider    Cross-Cultural dating or Interracial dating is something that we are seeing more of on college campuses. As more people immigrate to different parts of the world and colleges and universities become more culturally diverse, we start to see more interaction between cultures. Our hearts do not distinguish between race, ethnicity or religion.

Once we feel ready to date, society and our cultural values sometimes dictate whether we will be open to dating a person of another culture. Culture is defined in this context as: The system of shared beliefs, values, customs, behaviors that members of society use to cope with their world and with one another. Culture is transmitted from generation to generation through learning. Interracial: involving or existing between two or more races. If you are interested in similar term meanings go to the Diversity Dictionary




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