Parents and Friends Expectations

What are the beliefs of your family and friends? How important is it to you that your family accept your relationship? Not all parents or family members approve of interracial dating. Some family members are open about their feelings and others will make comments which make you or your partner uncomfortable. Unknowingly, family members and friends may think they are supportive, but in the case of Lindsay and Terrance neither was able to be completely open about their relationship. Mixed Race Dating Article: Paria and Deepak's experience with family and cultural pressure to date the "right" person.

In FocusSome parents grew up during a time when interracial dating was not accepted. Dating and eventually marrying someone of your same religion, race, culture, and socioeconomic background was valued and EXPECTED. There were states that had laws against interracial marriages, one example: Loving vs. Virginia 1963

Parents who grew up during this time may still subscribe to the belief that "one should stick to their own kind." To better understand our parents, it's important to understand their point of view and experiences. Our parents only want the best for us and sometimes they do not realize you may not think or feel the same way. Biracial and interracial relationships are increasing in numbers in the United States but there are people who do not agree with them and others who do, as long it is not happening with their child.

Students involved in these relationships are not always prepared for the increased pressures they'll eventually face. The key is for couples to realize this and not react to negative pressure from others. Interracial couples may still draw stares and sometimes disapproval when they're off campus. How you handle these situations will determine the stability of your relationship with your partner.





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