More Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get Involved With Someone of a Different Race, Ethnicity, Religion or Culture

Text Box: FYI: When you begin dating, briefly discuss the possibilities of problems. Talk about what some of the handed down subtle preconceived notions of interracial relationships you have gotten from your parents and community. If you are the first in your respective families to cross the color line, know you may encounter some forms of bias.•  How would your family react if you dated someone from a different race? If their reaction was negative how do you think that would affect you?

•  Are your friends and family accepting of interracial relationships? But would not be if you dated someone of another race, ethnicity, religion, or culture? "My family would be insulted by me simply dating someone outside of my ethnicity. "

•  Are there culture norms you have to adhere too? " Being Jewish my friends and family would expect that I date and marry within the same faith"

Text Box:    Articles addressing Inter-Racial Relationship challenges•  What implications does your choice in partner have?  Especially in Asian cultures - Indian, East Asian and Middle Eastern - to marry a person does not mean marrying that one person, but it means marriage into an entire family.

Though there are barriers and decisions that are made when choosing to step outside of one's racial, religious or ethnic limits. Once you get to know that person, it's not about their race, culture, religion. It's about what the other person brings to the relationship

You have to overcome certain obstacles to find out what you really want in a relationship, whether it is race, ethnicity or religion. There will always be difficulties, no matter what the nature of the relationship is, but it shouldn't matter in the end.


Peoples thoughts and experiences of biracial multiracial relationship

Growing Up, Growing Apart : Fast Friends Try to Resist the Pressure to Divide by Race June 24, 2000 PDF Version

imageInterracial relationships increasingly accepted
By Fiona Stokes UVISION Reporter






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