Six Cultural Dimensions

Taken from Mixed Matches: How to Create Successful Interracial, Interracial, Interethnic, and Interfaith Relationships (1995) by Joel Crohn, Ph

Every culture has a mix of attitudes about each of these dimensions with most valued, secondary and least valued form.   In any given setting these cultural value preferences serve as a compass that points people toward their culture's definition of correct behavi

Sit down with your partner and share with one anothert what your culture has taught you about these six cultural dimensions.

1.   Time

Future- Always plan for tomorrow.

Present- Enjoyment of today is most important.

Past- Remember and honor family and cultural history

2.    Nature of the Universe

Good- Life and people are inherently good.   There is a force that makes things turn out for the best

Indifferent- Neither good nor evil.   We are responsible for trying to make it good.

Evil- Never put your guard down.   Human life is difficult and people can't be trusted as good.

3.    Cohesiveness of Family

Enmeshed- To be separate from family is to be missing an essential part of yourself.

Mixed- The needs of the individual and the family needs to be balanced.

Disengaged- The individual and his or her needs are more important than those of family.

4.    Emotional Expressiveness

High Intensity- Feelings are meant to be expressed.

Mixed- It's only okay to show how you feel in particular situations.

High Formality- Emotional self control is most important .

5.    Interpersonal Relations

Hierarchical- Respecting authority and tradition are most important.

Cooperative- The needs of the group are more important than the needs of any one person.

Individualistic- Each person is ultimately responsible for self.

6.    Gender Roles

Overlapping- Men and women are equal.   Each person should be able to be what he or she wishes irrespective of gender.

Partial Overlap- There should be overlap in the roles of men and women, but it's    also important

Differentiated- The worlds of men and women are totally different.   It's important to keep them separate.



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