Should I Adopt?

Making the Decision

parentingThe decision to adopt a child is very much a journey. To people unacquainted with adoption, the trek can be over-whelming. There are many questions to answer, emotions and beliefs to explore, and tasks to complete. I hope to give a clear-cut guide or map for this journey. It's a journey my husband and I have traveled with the adoption of our three foster sons.

It all begins with the question, should I adopt?

Adoption is the permanent addition of a child or children to your family. This means you are that child's legal, forever parent, as if you gave birth to this child. You become responsible emotionally, physically, financially, and legally for this child. Are you ready for this responsibility?

  • Do you have the emotional capability to handle a child that may have in some cases, emotional issues?
  • Is your home large enough?
  • How about your vehicle?
  • Are your birth children ready for an addition if you already have children of your own?



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