Self-esteem is related to the beliefs and images we have about ourselves. (Better self-esteem )

Self-esteem is the measure of how much we like and approve of ourselves (Sanford & Donovan, 1985).

Are There Gender Differences in Self-Esteem?


Our self-concept reflects a variety of beliefs that begin to develop in early childhood. The experiences that we have, the basic ideas we formed about ourselves, and the messages we heard growing up, help form our self-concept and influence our self-esteem. Gender Socialization creates expectations for the way women and men behave, think and feel about themselves. Mary Pipher, in her book, Reviving Ophelia, discusses how girls entering adolescence struggle with many issues such as body image, which can lead to eating disorders, fears of rejection and mixed messages from society. These cultural messages have tremendous impact on the self-esteem of women. Boys and men also live by social pressures to behave in the prescribed roles that define manhood. Boys and men are also subject to inauthentic feelings of self if they do not fulfill the definition of being "male."

"Positive self-esteem is
one of the greatest gifts you
can give yourself"

elf-esteem can fluctuate each day based upon positive and negative events that take place. However, someone with healthy self-esteem understands that any one negative event does not define who they are and it does not affect how they feel about themselves overall. Take a self-esteem test.


Someone with unhealthy self-esteem allows negative events and feelings to define their self-concept. They require positive external events to counteract their feelings of low self-esteem. Learning to Accept Yourself , ( University of Florida ).





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