Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)/ Infections (STIs) 


Sexually transmitted diseases/infections are diseases that are spread through oral, anal or vaginal intercourse. Some STD/STIs such as HIV and Hepatitis B can also be transmitted by sharing drug injection equipment.

The only absolute "safe sex" is abstinence:

  • from intercourse (oral, anal, vaginal)
  • intravenous drug use

Safer sex includes:

  • using condoms consistently and correctly,
  • remaining in a monogamous relationship,
  • participating in creative sex play that does not include intercourse (oral , anal or vaginal),
  • never using injection equipment that has been previously used.

Science has identified approximately 26 different types of sexually transmitted diseases/infections.

Please visit the following web sites for information about what's out there to catch, how to prevent it, how to treat it if you have it.


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stdsInformation for gay men



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