Almost as important as your academic work in college is your growing understanding of women and men and the issues with which they struggle. Those struggles often have their roots in our “gender-dictated” roles. Our gender roles so clearly define society’s expectations for us. Sometimes this is clarifying and sometimes this is very restrictive for us. There is a lot of research establishing the TRUTH about how different women and men are – The TRUTH about how similar women and men are.

The general population has their TRUTH generated from T.V. sitcoms, poorly and rapidly published pop-psychology books and internet articles, movies and fiction novels.

Women and Men Issues

Then there is YOUR TRUTH, which is based on how you were socialized to be a male or female. A big part of that "truth" can be found in the early gender messages you received as a child (e.g., "Big boys don't cry! "Wow, you'll break all the little boys hearts.." "Girls don't sit that way," "What are you, a sissy?") All of these types of early messages and comments combine to make up part of our "truth" about what it means to be male or female.

This portion of is attempting to explore your beliefs about gender and how you are socialized as a woman or man and what impact that has on your values, day-to-day living, choice of partners - in short - on who you are! We hope to get you thinking more critically about gender issues.




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