Our Women's Center at CSUF would like for you to explore more "truths" about the socialization of women and men: How they are the same, how they are different. We believe this is an important part of your education and hope that your explorations will eventually help you make healthy choices in your relationships with the opposite sex and will support you in respecting women and men.

The following are some excellent well-researched websites that our interns offer you in the hope that you will build gender alliances between women and men.

Purdue Study shows men, women share same planet

On the differences between women and men. by Dave Berry

You Just Don't Understand by Deborah Tannen, Ph.D.

Women's Intellectual Contributions

The kind of men society needs--and women want. (The State of Modern Manhood--What Men Think).

What Women and Men Really Want by Aaron Kipnis, PhD. & Elizabeth Herron, M.A.

Can't We Talk? By Deborah Tannen

Women's Support Service Links




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