Educational Benefits Policies

 We aim to provide you the best assistance we can when it comes to your benefits. Below is a list of the benefits and ....

Cal Vet Fee Waiver

Section 32320 of the California Education Code provides for the waiver of certain fees, other than nonresident tuition, for certain veterans' dependents. CSUF Veterans Certification provides referral information to the local County VA offices that can assist with program eligibility and application. Eligibility letters, issued by the County office, are submitted to CSUF Veterans Services for data entry, which initiates the waiver of fees. Not all fees are waived. Cal Vet Fee Waiver cannot be used for Intersession or summer session. Read more about Cal Vet Fee Waiver.

Please note that the Cal Vet Fee Waiver is only applicable for Fall and Spring terms and it does not apply to programs which are not funded by the state. This waiver is not applicable to summer and winter courses as well as any certificate or extended education programs.


Tuition Assistance Notice

In order to process your Tuition Assistance, our Veterans Resource Center must first obtain a copy of your approval from your unit. Please note that you must bring this approval in at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. Once you have provided the forms to our office we will work with our partners in Student Financial Services in order to process your paperwork accordingly.

 Deferred Payment Option

Veterans and dependents who are receiving Post 9/11 – Chapter 33 benefits or Vocational Rehabilitation/ Chapter 31 benefits will have their fees deferred until the VA pays for their portion of tuition and fees. Please make sure that the Veterans Resource Center has your file complete at least 7 -10 business days prior to your Titan registration appointment. This fee deferment allows payment of tuition fees later in the semester without being dis-enrolled from classes. However, billing will continue to be issued until fees are paid. Please note that if your percentage of eligibility is less than 100% you are responsible for your portion of the tuition and fees.

 Waiver of Residency Requirements for Active Duty

If you are being charged out of state tuition and fees you will need to e-mail with your specific situation. They will be able to inform you on additional paperwork required by their office in order to address your concerns. For additional information please contact the residency specialist in Admissions and Records at (657) 278-2396.

Compulsory Military Policy

CSUF has posted a policy regarding students who are called to compulsory military duty. If you are newly admitted or a continuing student please see our compulsory military service policy page.