Meet the VRC Staff 

Melissa J Romo Programs and Services Coordinator


Programs & Services Coordinator

Department Role: Organizes department programs and serivces that increase engagement and provides connection to resources on- and off-campus.

Education: Currently pursuing Masters of Social Work, Adult Mental Health and Wellness, USC.  B.A. in Communications with minor in Human Services, CSUF.  

Fun Fact: Melissa finds relaxation in the creative arts.  Her hobbies include graphic design, photography and enjoys honing her marksmanship skills.

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Shannen Allado Certification Coordinator 


Certification Coordinator

Department Role: Certifying benefits and communicates with VA and university on behalf of students.

Education: M.S. in Education with concentration in Higher Education, CSUF.  B.A. in Public Health Policy with minors in Education and Asian American Studies, UCI.

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Malo Sagiao Educational Access Coordinator


Educational Access Coordinator

Department Role: Outreaches to community colleges and military installations to provide information about transferring to four-year institutions.

Education: Currently pursuing Masters in Social Work with an emphasis in Military Families, USC. B.S. in Human Services, CSUF. A.A. in Human Services, Cypress College. 

Fun Fact: Malo is one of 12 children in a family of 15. He has 8 sisters, 3 brothers, mom and dad and Wicket (dog). He is of Samoan and Hawaiian heritage.

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Nicole Alvarez Administrative Support Coordinator


Office Coordinator

Department Role: Assists department staff with day to day administrative duties and supports the student staff with their roles and responsibilities.

Education: B.A. in American Studies with minor in Comparative Religion, CSUF.

Fun Fact: Nicole enjoys, hiking, being outdoors, yoga and spending time with family and friends. She has a strong belief in the value of health and wellness and has a heart for helping others. 

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Kaelin Locker


Veteran Student Services Coordinator

Department Role: Serve students in transitional support and assist the department in the development and organization of existing programs and services. 

Education: B.S., CSUF (e: 2018), Associates of General Studies, Central Texas College.

Fun Fact: Kaelin is a self-proclaimed adventurer whose hobby is taking up new hobbies.

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