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 California State University, Fullerton



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Veterans Sponsorship Program


The purpose of the Veterans Sponsorship Program (VSP) is to promote the academic and social integration of veterans to the university. The VSP provides an opportunity to ease the transition to a new educational environment through friendship, camaraderie, and the shared experiences of fellow student veterans.


The VSP is a pre-semester program where a continuing student veteran sponsor and newly transferred student veteran connect to address any concerns the new student veteran may have before the semester begins. In offering new student veterans personalized peer-to-peer support during the transfer process they feel connected, get engaged, and are encouraged to persist at the university toward graduation.

Veterans Student Services (VSS) recruits sponsors from the continuing student veteran population at California State University, Fullerton who have a desire to help incoming students transition to the University. Sponsors are required to attend an orientation and training session where the program's policies and procedures are communicated. Sponsors will then be assigned to a new student veteran, in the same major or college whenever possible. The sponsors will contact the new student veterans, conduct a needs assessment to establish whether or not they have any needs or issues during transition, and assist the new student veteran in meeting those needs. The needs assessment will then be used to evaluate the services most needed by newly transferred student veterans and how tho most effectively meet those needs.


  • To provide encouragement, support, and relationship building between the sponsors and new student veterans
  • To personalize the transfer experience
  • To explore campus resources
  • To pursue successful integration into university life
  • To encourage persistence and graduation

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