Professional Development


VetForward is a resource program for military connected students at California State University at Fullerton and recent graduates in exploring, pursuing and achieving future career aspirations. We offer a wide variety of training services through our campus partnership and peer to peer mentorship program to include resume and cover letter advisement, professional networking advisement, LinkedIn training and page development, job search techniques and interview preparation.

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The VetForward program is designed to prepare its cohort members in the transition from the academic environment into the professional workforce. Through the step-by-step process of training and coaching, Vet Forward, as well as other on and off campus resources, will provide knowledge from subject matter experts for its members to be more competitive in acquiring employment once they have graduated from CSUF.  

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Learning Objectives

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a clearer understanding of the career exploration process and how skills and interests match up to a chosen major/career path.

  • Investigate work tasks, settings, salary, job outlook, and resources corresponding to careers they are considering.

  • Discover how to write professional documents (resume, cover letter, thank you letter) to use for jobs, internships and post-graduate program applications.

  • Increase participation rate in informational interviews and networking.

  • Improve understanding of how academic learning and career development are intertwined inseparable elements of the student experience.

  • Translate military occupation, experience, skills, and intangibles into the job search documentation and conversations.

  • Become part of a community within the Mentoring Network that provides insights and connections to help them make their career dreams a reality. (Fall 2021)

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Teaching and coaching cohort members in their abilities to create and develop the following skills in the job hiring process: 

  1. Resume/ Cover Letter Development 

  2. Professional Networking Strategies

  3. LinkedIn Page Development 

  4. Job Searching Strategies 

  5. Informational Interview Strategies 

  6. Professional Interview Techniques 

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Program Resources

  • Canvas : Primary online platform for VetForward and information guide for cohort members 

  • CSUF Career Center : Main on campus partnership with VetForward to conduct training and provide resources to team/ cohort.

  • LinkedIn Learning : Main online training platform for cohort and team members to establish baseline knowledge of focused subject areas. 

  • CSUF VRC : Main office VetForward is run out of. 

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Session 1: Orientation

Session 2: Resume/ cover letter training with Career Center 

Session 3: LinkedIn training presentation     

Session 4: Informational interview/ USA Jobs

Session 5: Job Search

Session 6: Indeed training

Session 7: Professional Networking

Session 8: Interview Workshop 

Session 9: Salary negotiation

Session 10: Mock Interview

Session 11: Cohort Wrap up