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 California State University, Fullerton



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Servant Leadership

Commitment to Servant Leadership

Can we simply volunteer to help those in need without also working to understand the underlying injustices or exploring the social and political issues involved? Here at Volunteer Service Programs we asked ourselves that very question. The answer came with the creation of Students ACT, a student-driven social action group focused on education, empowerment and action. Working collaboratively with other student organizations, campus departments, and off-campus agencies, Students ACT coordinates an annual Social Justice Summit and other educational programming. Moreover, all the projects here at the Volunteer Service Programs from Community Connection to Project Earth are more than one day volunteer events; they provide opportunities to serve the community, while also illuminating the root causes of problems facing our world. It is in the act of providing service and the dedication to directly addressing social issues that students here on campus are working to create lasting change. Our motto, “It’s Your World... Change It,” is not just an empty promise. It is what we believe.

4 Pillars of Servant Leadership

  • Leadership through SERVICE
  • Leadership through CIVIC ENGAGEMENT
  • Leadership through ADVOCACY & ACTIVISM