CSUF Writing Center

Fall 2019 Workshops

We Don't Correct; We Collaborate!

Friday, Oct. 26, 11:30 AM-12:30 PM

Location: H-128

Transitions: Getting the Words to Flow

In this workshop we will go over conventional transitional words and phrases and explain how these benefit your arguments. In addition, we will provide you with a handout detailing common transitions and what each type accomplish in particular.


Monday, Nov. 5, 11:30 AM-12:30 PM

Location: EC-127

Outlines: Organizing Your Prewriting

Come to our workshop on organizing your writing and learn how to improve the structure and flow of your papers. Learn how to take your prewriting and use it to create a strong outline that will serve as a reliable roadmap for your first draft!



Thursday, Nov. 8, 2-3 PM

Location: EC-121

The Blank Page: Getting Unstuck Through Brainstorming

This workshop aims to help students tackle the inevitable writer's block situation by developing strategies of brainstorming to help begin the writing process and plan for a successful paper. In addition to brainstorming, we will provide tips and tricks on how to handle writer's block.

Friday, Nov. 9, 11 AM-12    PM

Location: TBD

Grad School 101: Personal Statements

Writing personal statements for grad school can be very intimidating. It is difficult to summarize your life and research into less than 3 pages. With this workshop, we will aid you in developing your personal statement with tips & tricks from graduate students themselves!

Wednesday, Nov. 14,   11:30 AM-12:30    PM

Location: EC-127

Good Peers, No Tears: How to Peer Edit Effectively

Check out this workshop if you struggle with giving helpful suggestions during peer editing sessions! It’ll go over how to find that balance between being overly critical and too nice when peer editing. We’ll be focusing on common errors and how to interact with peers' papers.

Thursday, Nov. 15,  5 :30-6:30PM

Location: TBD

The Basics of Quote Integration

Do you ever find yourself struggling with how to incorporate quotes with your own commentary into an academic paper? If yes, stop on by to the "Integrating Quotes" Workshop. We can help you refine your skills in incorporating quotes into academic discourse, while avoiding plagiarism. Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, Nov. 28,  2 :30-3:30PM

Location: TBD

Introduction Paragraphs and Thesis Statements

Introduction paragraphs and thesis statements set the tone for your paper, but they can sometimes be the hardest things to write. Come to our workshop and get some tips on how to write an effective and well developed introduction paragraph and thesis statement.


Wednesday, Dec. 5,  12 :30-1:30PM

Location: TBD

Fragments and Splices and Run-Ons, Oh My!: Repairing Sentence Mechanics

Do you keep getting comments on your papers about syntax errors and wonder why? Is your writing plagued by pesky run-ons, comma splices, and sentence fragments? In this workshop, we will talk about clauses and how they work, how to use punctuation properly, and how to make sturdy, functional sentences—maybe even beautiful ones.