1. List of Distance Education programs and CFR Review for Distance Education (see 9-b)
  2. Additional Data Portfolio
  3. Update on Faculty Flow, August 2007
  4. 2006-2007 Academic Affairs Annual Report Guidelines
  5. WASC 2000 Letter
  6. General Education Committee End of Year Reports, May 2001- 2007
    6i: GE Committee 2006-07 Annual Report
    6ii: GE Committee 2005-06 Annual Report
    6iii: GE Committee 2004-05 Annual Report
    6iv: GE Committee 2003-04 Annual Report
    6v: GE Committee 2002-03 Annual Report
    6vi: GE Committee 2001-02 Annual Report
  7. Current Program Performance Review Guidelines
  8. Faculty Development Center Workshops
  9. Worksheets for Preliminary Self-Review under the Standards
        a. Institution-wide
        b. Distance Education
  10. Members of the Steering Committee
  11. Survey request to academic departments
  12. Academic Affairs Forum program
  13. Compiled/sorted lists from Academic Affairs Forum discussions
  14. WASC Newsletter 1: Charting Our Campus Future
  15. List of constituencies contacted/Contact letter
  16. Outreach materials for constituency meetings
        i. Constituency Outreach Presentation
        ii. Constituency Outreach Guide
  17. Campus report on Access to Excellence
  18. Growth Forum presentations and forced choice findings
    18i: Growth- President Gordon
    18ii: Growth- Politics and Economics
    18iii: Choosing Priorities Exercise-worksheet
    18iv: Choosing Priorities Exercies-results
  19. Electronic survey
  20. Initial survey findings: Exhibits B, C, D
  21. WASC Newsletter 2: Charting Our Campus Future
  22. Initial survey findings: Exhibit V
  23. Timetable/Flowchart of Milestones and Work Plan
  24. Office of Institutional Research and Analytical Studies: 2006-2007 Annual Report