Having a website at CSUF

1) Setup: Support Staff, Site Compliancy, and brand

Any division, college, department, and even faculty/staff can have a website hosted by the Campus.  Depending on how your area runs that may mean faculty/staff pages are maintained in the main department office by support staff.  We work with everyone to find the best solution for their needs. 

No matter the site we deal with we always need the following:

  • Identify website owners & manager(s), ATI lead(s) for content issues, and technical support staff
  • Make sure content is accessible (ATI) and scans are run and reported regularly 
  • Adhere to Campus branding and web standards
  • Keep content fresh and up to date
  • Report changes to any member of the site via the Website Access form so the Campus has current records

The Campus does regular scanning, site auditing, and reporting to senior management and the Chancellor's Office.  We are required to maintain our records so you will be periodically sent emails when scans are needed.  Keeping your website owners updated is the best way to help us keep you up to date with any changes.


2) Sites will Need Changes -  Ask Us, we can help

As you maintain your site it will undergo various updates and even whole site redesigns.  We are here to help you from basic design questions to implementation.  The web team just asks that you complete a create/ edit / remove website change form so we can track request changes for all sites.  This is for big changes and not day to day publishing.  If you need to add / change users, stop automatic uploads of published pages during a redesign, or anything else that is beyond normal page editing let us know. 

The web services request forms are tracked and you will be notified upon completion.  If you are unsure of which form to use do your best.  If we have questions we will contact you.

3) form submitted, now what?

These services are tracked and updated as the process is worked on.  You should receive a notice once the form is submitted with a ticket number.

The only form which will do anything automatically is the upload ATI scan results.   All other services are reviewed by humans.  Sites are not always created automatically.  If there are any issues or questions someone from the web team will contact you.

Please note that URL requests may be denied.  If you want a new domain (mysite.fullerton.edu) that requires a network change and additional requests outside of the web team.

What can we help you do today?

OMNI CMS Training dates (excluding HSS training requests) are currently booked up two weeks in advance.