Having a website at CSUF

Campus standards require sites stay within  guidelines for all sites and maintain ATI compliancy.  

  • Identify website owners / ATI leads / technical support staff
  • Make sure content is accessible (ATI) and scans are run  and reported regularly 
  • Adhere to Campus branding and web standards
  • Keep content fresh and up to date including content owners

we can help Make changes

Use one of the web services to request changes.   They will be tracked and you will be notified upon completion.  If you are unsure of which form to use do your best.  If we have questions we will contact you.

Automatic Processing

The only form which will do anything automatically is the upload ATI scan results. 

Other services are reviewed by humans.  Sites are not created automaticaly.

URL requests may be denied.  If you want a new domain (mysite.fullerton.edu) that requires a network change and additional requests.

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