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Latina Resource Center

The Chicana/Latina Resource Center is dedicated to providing the Chicana/Latina student with information, guidance and referrals needed as students encounter the rigorous challenges of higher education. This Resource Center was specifically designed to create awareness, educate the campus community on the Chicana/Latina experience, and explore the rapidly changing roles and current social and political issues faced by this population.

The mission of the Chicana/Latina Resource Center is to foster an environment where women can explore and identify cultural and social issues. The center provides students with information, guidance, referrals, and networking opportunities.

Special programs and discussion groups are offered and designed to help Chicana/Latina woman explore current issues and concerns inherent in her personal and professional growth. The Center embraces diversity and works collaboratively with the African-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Native American Women’s Resource Centers to bring about programs to enhance all women of color.

The center provides literature, community information, articles, and magazines that concern Chicana/Latina Women. The information and support of the center is designed to provide the Chicana/Latina student with information, guidance, referrals, networking opportunities, and discussion on the rapidly changing roles of the Chicana/Latina population at CSUF.

Peer counseling directed toward self-growth, awareness and professional empowerment is also available.


Through the years the Chicana/Latina Resource Center and discussion group have evolved. In 1989, a discussion group called Hispanic Women’s Group was formed by Sylvia Gallegos, Communications major. In 1994 the name was changed to Para Mujeres to include all women regardless of how they identify themselves.

Para Mujeres is a women’s discussion group that is geared towards Chicana/ Latina women on the CSUF campus. The goal of this group is to help increase the support for minority women during their college experience.

The group will discuss various topics that are related to Chicana/ Latina women personally, academically, and professionally.

The group also looks at social issues that are affecting the community:

  • Culture
  • Relationships
  • Discrimination
  • Family
  • Education
  • Gender Issues
  • Health Issues
  • Goal Setting
  • Marriage
  • Campus and Community Resources
  • Scholarship
  • Mentoring

This group meets every Tuesday from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm in UH205. 
Come and join the discussion!


Latina health issues, organizations, contributions to society, relationships

Culture Latin culture, traditions, and people Indigenous cultures

History Famous Latinos, resources relating to Latino history

Society/Politics Political empowerment, social and racial justice, and data on US Hispanics

Arts, Literature, Music

General Resources - Search engines