WoMens & Adult Reentry Center HER(d) Award

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The HER(d) award offers recognition to campus womxn* and allies who have shown exemplary leadership in their work, while demonstrating confidence, patience, compassion  and  wisdom.

CSUF's beloved Tufty, reminds us that elephants are herd animals, uniting in what becomes a family.  What is unique about these herds, is that they are led by the most revered female of the unit. She is not always the strongest or most aggressive of the group but instead leads with wisdom, decisiveness and compassion.     

 Do you know a current CSUF community member you would like to nominate for a HER(d) award?


HER(d) Student of the Year

A currently enrolled, womxn identified CSUF student

HER(d) Faculty Member of the Year

A current womxn identified, CSUF faculty member (full or part-time)

HER(d) Staff Person of the Year

A current CSUF, womxn identified staff member

HER(d) Ally of the Year

A current member of the CSUF community, who does not identify
as a womxn and has demonstrated a commitment to the progress
and work of gender equity

Nominations can be submitted at the WoMen's & Adult Reentry Center, UH-205 or can be submitted online at https://goo.gl/forms/PI1Cd8GE1CsigY702

*womxn with an 'x' is inclusive of cis and trans womxn
Deadline is 3/16/2017

All HER(d) recipients will be recognized by the WoMen's and Adult Reentry Center al the President's Reception for Women's History Month.

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Student Organizations

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Advocacy & Support

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