Violence Prevention Education

Our violence prevention program provides presentations, workshops, and events that address issues of sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking. For more information on how to collaborate or bring us to your club, organization, or department please contact our Violence Prevention Educator, Alyssa Avila at

Bystander Intervention

The Bystander Intervention Program is an initiative to help students learn and become confident with the process intervening. Bystander intervention happens in a variety of context students are faced by, such as sexual violence, alcohol use, and stress. Step Up! supports student's intervening in situations using the 5 Steps of decision making: Notice the Event, Interpret the Event as a
Problem, Assume Personal Responsibility, Know How to Help, and Stepping Up. Bystander Programs are for any and everyone who is looking to take on the challenge and Step Up!

To schedule a bystander intervention training please contact our Violence Prevention Educator at

Supporting Survivors Series

The Supporting Survivors Series aims to education and empower the campus community to prevent and support those who have been affected by violence. Intimate partner violence and sexual assault occur at epidemic levels in our society, almost ensuring that someone you know is a survivor of these violent crimes. Learn how to offer support for survivors in your life.

Gender Chat

The Gender Chat Inclusive Language program is designed to be offered to any group or academic course. The workshop focuses on how the language we use alters our relationships with other people and attempts to question the language and phrases we use. Gender Chat will also give practical guidance on incorporating gender–inclusive language into our everyday interactions. Schedule a workshop today. The workshop can be scheduled from 40 minutes to two–hour blocks.

To schedule a training, contact the WoMen's & Adult Reentry Center:
Location: University Hall,Suite 205
Phone: 657–278–3928