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Facet text Count
Activism 2
Childhood Experiences × 2
Community Organizations 2
Direct Action 2
Family 2
Grandparents 2
National Organization for Women (NOW) × 2
Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force × 2
Sex & Human Trafficking 2
Values 2


Facet text Count
OH 5461 1
OH 5475 1

Leon, Guadalupe "Tish"

Field Value
Name Leon, Guadalupe "Tish"
Occupation Community Activist, Santa Ana, CA; Public Law Center; Member of NOW
OH IDOH 5461
OH 5461

Salter, Kimberly

Field Value
Name Salter, Kimberly
Occupation Activist; Co-Director of the Orange County Chapter of the National Organization for Women
OH IDOH 5475