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Facet text Count
Activism 4
Childhood Experiences × 4
Colleges 4
Education 4
Elections 4
Family 4
Gender and Sexuality 4
Higher Education × 4
Historic Periods × 4
University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) × 4


Facet text Count
OH 5884 1
OH 5894 1
OH 5939 1
OH 5986 1
OH 5987 1

Goldway, Ruth

Field Value
Name Goldway, Ruth
Occupation Former Chairwoman of the Postal Exchange Commission; Former City Council Member and Mayor of Santa Monica, CA
OH IDOH 5884

Lake, Laura

Field Value
Name Lake, Laura
Occupation Environmental Activist; Professor; Former President, National Council of Jewish Women; Los Angeles City Council candidate
OH IDOH 5894

Toy, Beverly

Field Value
Name Toy, Beverly
Occupation Co-founder, Women For: Orange County; League of Women Voters; Retired librarian
OH IDOH 5986
OH 5987

Veyna, Angelina

Field Value
Name Veyna, Angelina
Occupation Professor, Santa Ana Community College
OH IDOH 5939