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Facet text Count
Activism × 5
Citizenship 5
Education × 5
Family 5
Higher Education × 5
Historic Periods × 5
Immigration × 5
Parenting × 5
Student Activism 4
Working Mom 4


Facet text Count
OH 5344 1
OH 5759 1
OH 5802 1
OH 5939 1
OH 5993 1

Lopez, Maria Rosa

Field Value
Name Lopez, Maria Rosa
Occupation Co-founder of Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, Santa Ana
OH IDOH 5344

Marín, Rosario

Field Value
Name Marín, Rosario
Occupation former United States Treasurer; former mayor of Huntington Park, CA; former secretary of the California State and Consumer Services Agency; activist for the mentally challenged; Republican
OH IDOH 5993

Ochs, Mary

Field Value
Name Ochs, Mary
Occupation Former organizing director; immigration activist
OH IDOH 5802

Pérez, Rossana

Field Value
Name Pérez, Rossana
Occupation Co-founder of El Rescate and Clínica Msr. Oscar Romero
OH IDOH 5759

Veyna, Angelina

Field Value
Name Veyna, Angelina
Occupation Professor, Santa Ana Community College
OH IDOH 5939