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Activism 2
Education 2
Family 3
Feminism 3
Higher Education 2
Historic Periods 3
Ideology 3
Locations × 3
Parenting × 3
Parents × 3


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Los Angeles, California × 3


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OH 5759 1
OH 5952 1
OH 5958 1

Cooper, Kelly

Field Value
Name Cooper, Kelly
Occupation First woman member of IBEW/ First woman director of General Services Department of Construction (Los Angeles)
OH IDOH 5952

Palmer, Celestine

Field Value
Name Palmer, Celestine
Occupation Founder of Los Angeles African American Women’s Political Action Committee (LAAAWPAC)
OH IDOH 5958

Pérez, Rossana

Field Value
Name Pérez, Rossana
Occupation Co-founder of El Rescate and Clínica Msr. Oscar Romero
OH IDOH 5759