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Facet text Count
Childhood Experiences × 4
Education × 4
Elections 3
Family 4
Family Histories and Traditions 3
Feminism 3
Gender and Sexuality × 4
Higher Education 3
Parents 3
Role Models × 4


Facet text Count
Los Angeles, CA × 4


Facet text Count
OH 5463 1
OH 5464 1
OH 5853 1
OH 5934 1

Corpeño, Xiomara

Field Value
Name Corpeño, Xiomara
Occupation Former Director of Community Education at Coalition of Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles
OH IDOH 5463

Gilpin, Sharon

Field Value
Name Gilpin, Sharon
Occupation Community activist; Founder of the Gilpin Group
OH IDOH 5934

Miscikowski, Cindy

Field Value
Name Miscikowski, Cindy
Occupation Former Los Angeles City Councilwoman
OH IDOH 5853

Navarro, Lillibeth

Field Value
Name Navarro, Lillibeth
Occupation Executive Director and Founder of Communities Actively Living Independent & Free
OH IDOH 5464