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Facet text Count
Activism × 5
Catholicism × 5
Childhood Experiences 4
Education 5
Family 5
Family Histories and Traditions × 5
Gender and Sexuality 4
Higher Education × 5
Religion 5
Siblings × 5


Facet text Count
OH 5464 1
OH 5763 1
OH 5883 1
OH 5888 1
OH 5954 1

Destito, Constance

Field Value
Name Destito, Constance
Occupation Co-founder of the East Los Angeles Rape Hotline and the East Los Angeles Women's Center
OH IDOH 5954

Fonseca, Esperanza

Field Value
Name Fonseca, Esperanza
Occupation Fight for 15 campaign; Familia:Trans Queer Liberation Movement
OH IDOH 5888

Guerrero, Sara

Field Value
Name Guerrero, Sara
Occupation Community Activist for Santa Ana, CA; Founder of Breath of Fire Theater Company
OH IDOH 5883

McCracken, Shirley

Field Value
Name McCracken, Shirley
Occupation former member, Anaheim City Council
OH IDOH 5763

Navarro, Lillibeth

Field Value
Name Navarro, Lillibeth
Occupation Executive Director and Founder of Communities Actively Living Independent & Free
OH IDOH 5464