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Facet text Count
Activism × 7
Childhood Experiences × 7
City Council 5
Colleges 5
Community Organizations 5
Elections × 7
Family × 7
Feminism × 7
Gender and Sexuality × 7
Locations 6


Facet text Count
Waldrop, Abby × 7


Facet text Count
OH 5587 1
OH 5805 1
OH 5849 1
OH 5850 1
OH 5884 1
OH 5894 1

Bockian, Edith

Field Value
Name Bockian, Edith
Occupation Longtime member of the League of Women Voters and two-time president (1983-85 and 1990) of the North Orange County chapter
OH IDOH 5850

Ellman-Garber, Donna

Field Value
Name Ellman-Garber, Donna
Occupation Former Beverly Hills Mayor and City Councilwoman
OH IDOH 5805

Goldway, Ruth

Field Value
Name Goldway, Ruth
Occupation Former Chairwoman of the Postal Exchange Commission; Former City Council Member and Mayor of Santa Monica, CA
OH IDOH 5884

Lake, Laura

Field Value
Name Lake, Laura
Occupation Environmental Activist; Professor; Former President, National Council of Jewish Women; Los Angeles City Council candidate
OH IDOH 5894

Martinez, Michele

Field Value
Name Martinez, Michele
Occupation Santa Ana City Council Member
OH IDOH 5587

Rhoden, Cheryl

Field Value
Name Rhoden, Cheryl
Occupation Santa Monica City Council; Writer's Guild of America
OH IDOH 5849

Ring, Diann

Field Value
Name Ring, Diann