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Facet text Count
Activism × 6
Childhood Experiences 5
Community Organizations 5
Elections 5
Family 6
Female versus Male Leadership × 6
Feminism 5
Gender and Sexuality 6
Leadership 6
Sexism 5


Facet text Count
Los Angeles, CA × 6
NA 1


Facet text Count
OH 5804 1
OH 5808 1
OH 5846 1
OH 5854 1
OH 5886 1
OH 5900 1

Abdullah (Richards), Jasmine

Field Value
Name Abdullah (Richards), Jasmine
Occupation Black Lives Matter, Pasadena Chapter
OH IDOH 5900

Ferber, Chrystal

Field Value
Name Ferber, Chrystal
Occupation Animal Rights Advocate; Compassion over Killing
OH IDOH 5886

Martinez, Nury

Field Value
Name Martinez, Nury
Occupation Los Angeles City Council member
OH IDOH 5804
OH 5804
OH 5804

Perry, Jan

Field Value
Name Perry, Jan
Occupation Former Los Angeles City Councilwoman and General Manager of the Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department
OH IDOH 5854
OH 5854

Sewell, Sandra

Field Value
Name Sewell, Sandra
Occupation Centro de los Ninos
OH IDOH 5846
OH 5846

Unger, Cathy

Field Value
Name Unger, Cathy
Occupation Former President of the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges; Former Co-Chair of the Los Angeles Women’s Political Committee
OH IDOH 5808