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Childhood Experiences 3
City Council 3
Education × 3
Elected Officials 3
Elections 3
Family 3
Higher Education × 3
Local Elections 3
Long Beach City Council × 3
Parenting 3


Facet text Count
OH 5764 1
OH 5938 1
OH 5979 1

Lowenthal, Bonnie

Field Value
Name Lowenthal, Bonnie
Occupation Former California State Assemblywoman; former member, Long Beach School Board; Long Beach City Council
OH IDOH 5938
OH 5938

Lowenthal, Suja

Field Value
Name Lowenthal, Suja
Occupation Former councilmember on Long Beach City Council; Long Beach School Board
OH IDOH 5979

O'Neill, Beverly

Field Value
Name O'Neill, Beverly
Occupation First Woman Mayor for the City of Long Beach, CA
OH IDOH 5764