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Facet text Count
Activism 5
Childhood Experiences × 5
Family × 5
Female versus Male Leadership 5
Feminism 5
Gender and Sexuality × 5
Grandparents 5
Leadership 5
Siblings 5
children of immigrants or refugees × 5


Facet text Count
Cabral, Analia × 5


Facet text Count
OH 5844 1
OH 5846 1
OH 5851 1
OH 5882 1
OH 5883 1

Arellanes, Gloria

Field Value
Name Arellanes, Gloria
Occupation Former member of the Brown Berets; Free Clinic worker; Chicana activist
OH IDOH 5851

Guerrero, Sara

Field Value
Name Guerrero, Sara
Occupation Community Activist for Santa Ana, CA; Founder of Breath of Fire Theater Company
OH IDOH 5883

Rivera, Marisol

Field Value
Name Rivera, Marisol
Occupation Labor leader; Vice President, SEIU-USWW Orange County, Local 187
OH IDOH 5844

Rothstein, Vivian Emma

Field Value
Name Rothstein, Vivian Emma
Occupation Development Consultant, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE)
OH IDOH 5882

Sewell, Sandra

Field Value
Name Sewell, Sandra
Occupation Centro de los Ninos
OH IDOH 5846
OH 5846